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From inception to completion, our events team is here for your next live event. Everything from pre-ticketing to post event analytics is covered for you. Roundbox Events will make your live experience the best it can be

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Roundbox Events can help you run your Food & Wine Festival, Motor Race, Music Festival, Sporting Event, Conference or whatever live event you may be organising - more Efficiently, Smoothly and Profitably.

Why Choose Roundbox Events

From inception to completion, our events team is here for your next event. Everything from pre-ticketing to post event analytics is covered for you. Music festivals, food & beverage festivals, nightclubs, trade shows, sporting events, conferences – you dream of the experience and we will be right by your side.



We create profitable partnerships by delivering bottom line value. The event management and BI tools allow you to maximise data and set an unprecedented business model that will revolutionise the live experience – whatever your event may be.



Hands up for a Global Leader! Success beckons with an experienced partner. Powered by Tappit, - the market leader in RFID technology, has successfully performed at over 500 events in 38 countries.


You can depend on us

With an unrivalled track record of success, the market leading network that has the capability of working completely independent from wifi or internet platforms, gives you peace of mind to focus on enjoying your own event.


Business Intelligence

Data is King. Boost the potential of your event with smart analytics and insights that will bolster sponsorship potential. Future proof your event by having real insight into your customer’s and patron’s behaviour, access, spend and engagement.

Complete Site Management

Complete Site Management

Roundbox Events delivers a seamless integrated collaboration that will not only give the most superior insights and Business Intelligence for your event, but create a frictionless, secure and optimised experience for attendees, vendors, organisers and brands.

Leading-edge Technology


Equip yourself and manage your events efficiently

The access control tools give you the possibility to streamline the entrance to an event and handle accreditations of your VIPs, Box Seat members, Coporate Hospitality clients, Attendees and Staff alike.


Make smarter decisions based on Business Intelligence

Thanks to our technology partners you get a deeper insight into the habits and behaviours of your customers. Prepare better for future events by making decisions based on real-time analytics.


Maximize the reach of your event and build lasting relationships

Give sponsors and brands the tools to enhance the customer experience. Take your event beyond the digital. Capture social media profiles, create loyalty programs or drive post-event campaigns.

We will take care of you

So where are you holding your event? You’re going to need site infrastructure, fencing, stages, back of house organisation, demountables, portaloos, food, beverages, licenses & permits, staff, security and so much more. Plus they all have to be compliant with safety regulations and have the correct permits. Plus they all have to work in complete unison with each other. Okay, fine, we’ll do it.

Complete Site Management

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