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Using RFID Technology Roundbox events delivers access control, cashless payments, crew management, social media activations, loyalty programs and customer insight solutions.

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Event Management. Cashless Solutions. RFID Technology.

Revolutionise the live event experience by providing secure, optimised experiences for attendees, vendors, organisers and brands.

Why Choose Roundbox Events


Who wants more revenue? That’s a question we ask all our event organisers. We create profitable partnerships by delivering bottom line value. The event management and BI tools allow you to maximise data and set an unprecedented business model that will revolutionise the live experience – whatever your event may be.


Hands up for a Global Leader! Success beckons with an experienced partner. Powered by Tappit, - the market leader in RFID technology, has successfully performed at over 500 events in 38 countries.

Business Intelligence

Data is King. Boost the potential of your event with smart analytics and insights that will bolster sponsorship potential. Future proof your event by having real insight into your customer’s and patron’s behaviour, access, spend and engagement.

You can depend on us.

With an unrivalled track record of success, the market leading network that has the capability of working completely independent from wifi or internet platforms, gives you peace of mind to focus on enjoying your own event.


Transform how you manage your event with cashless solutions

The Tappit platform allows you to run events more profitably, securely and smoothly. Your vendors and attendees will love it because it reduces theft and creates a frictionless, fast and convenient experience. The platform works fully offline, making sure you don’t need extensive infrastructure to operate the event. Our platform keeps running, even if the power drops out!

  • On-site and online top up via cash or credit card
  • Increased consumer spend of 15-40%
  • Reduced theft and loss of cash


Equip yourself and manage your events efficiently

The access control tools give you the possibility to streamline the entrance to an event and handle accreditations of your VIPs, Box Seat members, Coporate Hospitality clients, Attendees and Staff alike.

  • Access control at entry and exit points
  • Staff and customer accreditation
  • Real-time site capacity reporting


Make smarter decisions based on Tappit’s Business Intelligence

Thanks to Tappit you get a deeper insight into the habits and behaviours of your customers. Prepare better for future events by making decisions based on real-time analytics.

  • Real-time data insights
  • Extensive post-event reporting
  • Real-time event alert management


Maximize the reach of your event and build lasting relationships

Give sponsors and brands the ultimate channel to enhance the live experience for customers. The engagement tools take your event far beyond the digital experience. You can capture social media profiles, create loyalty programs or drive post-event campaigns.

  • Drive engagement and loyalty
  • Expand the event beyond the physical experience
  • Drive smarter, personalised experiences

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