About Us



Roundbox events is not just your average event partner. Yes, we do indeed partner with you to make your live experience the best it can be, however, what we deliver as a whole, is a seamless integrated collaboration that will not only give the most superior insights and Business Intelligence for your event, but create a frictionless, secure and optimised experience for attendees, vendors, organisers and brands. Utilitsing the market leader in RFID technology, access control, cashless payments, crew management, social media activations, loyalty programs and customer insight solutions are right there to access at your fingertips. Music festivals, food & beverage festivals, nightclubs, trade shows, sporting events, conferences – you dream of the experience and we will be right by your side. Oh! And you know what the best part of all this is? Your direct baseline revenue will improve, hands down.

Our Delivery

From inception to completion, our events team is here for your next live event. Everything from pre-ticketing to post event analytics is covered for you.

  • Delivering quality event experiences for attendees

  • Quick and easy entry processes

  • Up to date advanced security and access control

  • Live event monitoring

  • Staff management

  • Post event analytics

  • Secure, cashless transactions for live event attendees

The Benefits

Ok – the list of benefits is huge, so we have picked some of the top items that our live event partners have hi-fived us for…

  • No queues

  • Roundbox event team on site – before, during and after the event

  • Security access to controlled areas

  • Access to members lounge and private facilities

  • Private car parking access

  • Food and drink allowance that can be shared

  • Access to VIP areas

  • Special event to reward sponsorship

  • Roaming Top-Ups and Onsite stations

  • Offline system allows roaming Top-Up reps and onsite Top-Up/Refund stations in any area

  • Correct charging for items. No incorrect change worries

  • No undercharging casual suppliers and merchants.

  • No theft

  • Minimise ATM/Cashpoint lines and wait times

  • No hassles with running out of cash in ATM/Cashpoints

  • No ongoing cost of POS systems, EFTPOS and bank transaction fees/charges

  • No cash counting. No reconciliation

  • No slow transaction issues

  • No cash transportation issues

  • No WiFi required for on site events